Southport Nursing Home Myths

Southport Nursing Home Myths

Southport Nursing Home Myths

When your loved one needs around the clock care in a luxury nursing home, it can feel like a step into the dark.
There are some popular but untrue myths about luxury nursing homes. Let’s see the truth behind some common Southport nursing home myths.

Are luxury nursing homes free?

It is a common misconception is that care in a luxury nursing home is free, but it is not: the cost of a luxury nursing home is usually based on means testing. People in England with a certain amount of savings, investments or assets – including their home –must pay for their own care. A common misconception here is that their home can be taken away. This is not true: local authorities can offer a deferred payment for care, or the home can be rented out to generate an income, which can be used towards the cost of care.

Are care workers un-skilled?

Absolutely not. Caring is a highly-skilled profession, requiring listening and communication skills. All the members of our team are trained to very high standards, and we have registered general nurses (RGNs) available 24/7.

Do I get a choice of care at a luxury nursing home?

Many people looking believe there is no choice of type of care. In fact, a wide range of care is available. Councils have designed services to ensure individual care arrangements are put in place, based on each individual’s needs. At Barton Park, our luxury Southport nursing home provides nursing care to support every resident’s needs. Our nursing team operates 24 hours a day providing care that follows an assessed care plan which is created in collaboration with the resident.

Luxury nursing homes don’t provide the right level of care for my loved one

When there are so many residents to look after, some think that nurses and carers won’t ever get time to see all of them. At Barton Park Luxury Southport nursing home, we have a team member to the resident ratio that ensures each resident receives the care they need.