Barton Park Helps A Move To A More Suitable Nursing Home

Move To A More Suitable Nursing Home

Barton Park Helps A Move To A More Suitable Nursing Home

If your relative can continue living independently, but their home is no longer suitable for them; there are a number of options you can explore. Barton Park Nursing Home helps a move to a more suitable nursing home.

Move To A More Suitable Nursing Home

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is an accommodation that is specially designed to let people live independently. It most often consists of a series of self-contained flats with some communal facilities; It can be bought or rented by couples or individuals. Standard sheltered housing has self-contained flats or bungalows supported by a scheme manager. A 24-hour alarm system will be available should residents need help.


Owning a  home brings security, so most downsizers choose to continue to own property. Buying is a long-term commitment, so if there are uncertainties about any aspects of the move – such as an unfamiliar area – it may be a worth renting in the area first, to get a feel for it.

Accessible homes

These are residential properties which meet a number of criteria for easy access by people in wheelchairs, such as step-less access from street to property and access to a ground floor toilet or bathroom. The Accessible Property Register contains information on homes meeting the criteria which may be bought or rented.

Park homes

Park homes are single-storey residential homes on dedicated sites, often in rural settings. They popular amongst older people and are low-cost compared to bricks and mortar. Be aware that only the home itself is purchased, not the land it is situated upon. The land still belongs to the site owner, and residents pay a pitch fee to them.


Renting allows your relative to try out a new location, or a different type of home, before making a long-term commitment. Rental agreements are usually fixed for six or 12 months initially.

Southport Care Home

None of these schemes or property supply medical or nursing care. If your relative needs 24-hour medical care, then consider a nursing home such as Barton Park Nursing Home in Birkdale. Barton Park helps a move to a more suitable nursing home so call 01704 566964 and review your relatives care options today.